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Will Hospice Intervene?

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Post 12 maja 2018, 8:20

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They surgically put a stunt in his neck this morning to get the antibiotics into his system. They couldn't get to his veins anymore. They are talking about him coming home either this weekend or the beginning of the week. He knows he is going to die of cancer and has made the decision that the chemo is done. I am just wondering, my mother refuses to have anything to do with my aunt and me (this is new in the last two weeks because I wouldn't do what she told me to do, I am 46!!). She will definately keep us out of her house, yet she does not want to take care of my father. When does Hospice step in and will they intervene to at least let me help take care of my father?

Please help.

I didn't find the right soltion from the Internet.

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