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State vs private primary school, if money were no object

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Hypothetically, if money were out of the equation, would you choose a private or state primary school?We are thinking about schools for DS1 due to start in Sept 2013. I will freely admit I have only so far looked at 1 school, a medium sized Catholic state school, so my thoughts are only based on this one viewing and I know I need to look at more before I really form a proper opinion.Myself, I went to a private junior school, then onto a state secondary (in a different area). I loved school. Really, really loved it. And looking back at my junior school, we had amazing facilities and opportunities. Sports wise, in particular. Our own tennis court, cricket nets, football/hockey pitch, as well as hired facilities for other sports. We had about 20 (I think) in a class.When I looked around the school the other day, we saw a PE lesson held on the "field" (a grassy undulated area probably the size of a football pitch within the school grounds). There were 60 kids to 1 teacher, playing rounders. It just felt like crown control, rather than actually being taught anything, or any skills.

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